Best flower of Laos - Journey in Laos


Laos is a country rich in natural beauty. Many plants play an important role in Lao's daily life: medical plants and sacred trees according to the beliefs of Laos such as Dok Champa (Plumeria rubra, or frangipani) and Dok Khun (Cassia fistula). The frangipani flower, also known as "Dok Champa" is one of the national symbols of Laos. In Laos, this unique flower bloom only in April to celebrate at the Boun Pi Mai festival and Lao people honor that flower as the flower of luck.

best flower

Dok Champa - National flower of Laos

The cassia fistula or Dok Khun is very important in the celebration of Lao New Year, mainly among Vientiane. During Lao Pimay (New Year in Laos), there is no place without Khun flowers. Because Lao people believe that picking this flower like find the luck. Dok Khun has a strong attachment to the Lao people at everywhere such as flowers in front of the house, flowers on the motorcycle or on the car, flowers in the hotel, flowers in the bathtub and flowers in the festivals. Few people know about the color of the cassia fistula – a yellow like the color of the lemon. It isn’t only fresh, luxurious, but it’s also charming.

best flower

Dok Khun - Symbol of luck in Laos