Fees for Visa on Arrival to be waived for 21 nations


Fees for Visa on Arrival to be waived for 21 nations

The Thai government has approved a grace period of 60 days around the New Year holiday where fees for Visa on Arrival for twenty-one nations will be waived in an attempt to boost foreign visitors. Visitors eligible for VOA include those from China and India.

A sum of 2,000 baht in fee for visa on arrival for each single-entry tourist with a maximum of 15 days validity will not be collected during 1st December 2018 – 31st January 2019. The new measure was designed to boost the number of foreign visitors by no less than 30%, which will contribute to more tourism revenue during the New Year holiday. According to the Immigration Bureau, the number of persons applying for Visa on Arrival at immigration posts has dropped since January 2016.

The full list of countries covered by the VOA scheme: Andorra; Bhutan; Bulgaria; China; Cyprus; Ethiopia; Fiji; India; Kazakhstan; Latvia; Lithuania; Maldives; Malta; Mauritius; Papua New Guinea; Romania; San Marino; Saudi Arabia; Taiwan; Ukraine; Uzbekistan.

Source: National News Bureau & Public Relations