Iconic Hoi An Street Food You Should Always Relish


Ranked as one of the top destinations for the culinary travel all over the world, the street food in Hoi An is so delicious, unique ...

1: Cao Lau – Local food to enjoy while traveling to Hoi An

As the signature food in Hoi An, “Cao Lau” includes dark pork broth, yellow noodle, sliced pork, vegetable, bean sprout, crispy crouton, and special sauce. You can refer to it as the soba-like noodle with the roasted pork. It’s interesting that the yellow noodles of “Cao Lau” dish must be soaked in the water from the antique Cham well, and the herbs/vegetables used in the bowl are taken from Tra Que Herb Village. These exceptional traits make this food matchless in the Old Town, and all foodies want to try it to know the taste. You can easily spot the eateries selling “Cao Lau” in or around the town at the attractive price.

2: Quang Noodle – One of Hoi An specialty foods

Make it a point NOT to skip Quang Noodle – a fantastic street food in Hoi An and Quang Nam Province. This kind of noodle can be served with pork, chicken, quail egg, shrimp, vegetables, peanut, etc., and especially rice cracker. Authentically, Quang Noodle is eaten with a little bit of broth that is quite nutrient and succulent. The texture and flavor of this noodle reach the excellent level. Some patrons might ask for more yummy broth while the others prefer the bowls of more turmeric noodles. They all love the tasty Quang Noodle in the well-known Town.

my quang

3: Chicken Rice – Must-eat food in Hoi An

Many versions of this food exist throughout Vietnam, but no version can compare to the authentic chicken rice in Hoi An. Including the fluffy rice, shredded chicken, crushed onion, Vietnamese coriander, etc., a plate of turmeric rice is very appetizing and it can be personalized via the mixing step. You can add more chili sauce or pepper to your plate. This is a big highlight of any food tour in Hoi An.

4: Steamed Rice Cake (Bánh Bèo) – Easy-to-find snacks on Hoi An streets

This rice cake is colorful with decoration of the tomato juice, shrimp, and pork topping on the white flour. Some places even add fried shallot to the steamed complex to enhance the taste, and Hoi An steamed rice cake is an outstanding must to eat. This version of the steamed cake is bigger and thicker than the one in Hue City. Do not ignore this artistic food by all means!

banh beo

5: Little Pancake with Egg (Bánh Căn Trứng) – Typical street food in Hoi An

This food might sound less famous than the other specialties of Hoi An Ancient Town, but it’s worth trying. “Banh Can Trung” is the little rice flour pancake with egg, pork sausage, papaya salad, herb, vegetable, and fish sauce. After being fried in the muffin-like tray, the cake is in the right shape and taste to delight the patrons who are happy to sit on the 6-inch stools and enjoy several pieces. Crunchy and tasty, this mini pancake gives more scores to the best-selling Hoi An Street Food Tour.

6: Black Sesame Sweet Pudding (Xí Mà Hội An) – Thing to eat at central food market Hoi An

“Xi Ma Hoi An” is distinct and long-lasting in the Old Town, including the black sesame seed, sugar, and pennywort. It is actually the black sesame sweet soup or gruel which functions as the perfect dessert in the local meal. You can also find this dish at the central food market Hoi An. This kind of pudding is black, smooth, hot, and sweet that can enchant the foodies from the first taste.