Laos exports: Rice export in Champasak Province


Several ASEAN countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia, are major rice exporting countries in the World. The government of Lao PDR wishes to encourage farmers across the country to grow rice to meet the needs of the domestic market and external demand, with the hope of making Laos also a major exporter. For this reason, the Department of Agriculture & Forestry of Champasak province undertook to promote the cultivation of ordinary rice for farmers, at the same time to enable them to export and to cope with the problem of the decrease in the price of rice, which creates a difficult situation for farmers.

rice export in champasak province

Rice export in LaosRice export in Laos 

Every year, rice production in Champasak province is sufficient for domestic consumption, and more than 100,000 tonnes of paddies are exported. Last year, 500 000 tonnes of rice were harvested in the province, of which only 300,000 tonnes were consumed locally. But sticky rice is more demanded by the Lao and Thais. To launch their experimental project of ordinary rice cultivation, the authorities of Champasak province created a committee chaired by the deputy governor of the province. This project is located in Phonthong District, selected as the first test area for this crop. Six tons of seeds were supplied by Lao World Co., Ltd, two tons by Cambodia. Four tons were distributed to farmers in six villages (143 families) to be planted on an area of 92 hectares in Phonthong District.

rice export in champasak province

Rice production in Laos

In Champasak province, the ordinary rice is already grown for export on more than 900 hectares, in six districts (Sanasomboun, Khong, Mounlapamok, Champasak, Sukhuma and Phonthong), which count 38 villages where live 577 families. The promotion of this culture is important for the production of good quality rice, according to the needs of the market, and the harvests can be sold at an attractive price for the farmers. The Champasak province already has rice mills that buy directly from farmers the ordinary rice, to process it and export. One of them is managed by Lao World Co., Ltd ; another by Sengchanh Co., Ltd and others by Vietnamese investors.