The Kuang Si Waterfall In Laos


Kuang Si waterfall is a complex of three falls, in which the center fall is 60m tall with water pouring down as white foaming, tossing hazy water spray creates an impressive scene among jungle with noisy and roaring sounds…

Kuang Si - Laos

This is one of attractive tourist destination in Laos with the beautiful natural lakes which are listed among the most beautiful natural lakeson planet. According to, Kuang Si falls ranked no 1 of attractions in Laos ( ) which have a lot of good feedbacks. 

Listed among the most beautiful waterfalls in the Earth, the Kuang Sigentle waterfall is only 50m width. The waterfall is surrounded by forests and mountains.

The most impressive of Kuang Si waterfall is water from the large waterfalls pouring down, and in turn of Kuang Si waterfall, it creates small steps of waterfalls like the terraced fields, then the water poured into the lake creating the unique natural swimming pool. All around the year, water from upstream pour into the lake and carry a huge amount of algae that "dyed" the water of the lake into magic jade green with incredible charming... 

In dry season, water of the fall is less and the ideal time for visiting is high water season when the scene of waterfall is the most impressive. Landscape here is very beautiful. Below the waterfall area has many beaches for visitors. 

Going to the Kuang Si waterfall, visitors not only feel free to visit the mountains and forests, but also climb and swim, bathe in waterfalls, lakes... In the fresh air of the Kuang Si ecologic zone, tourists can hear birds in harmony with roaring sound of the waterfall like a symphony that make the spirit more excited.